I felt confident with your skills in working with my dog Khan. I would have no hesitation in entrusting my to you for care, you are certainly conscientious and caring.Lady Martha Lytton Cobbold, Knebworth House
I would like to say a very public thank you to Suzanne Corgan. Suzanne has been helping me with a few quite serious issues I have been having with my two, Max and Jess. She has been constantly by my side and given me her full support. For some reason I understood where she was coming from, understood what she was saying to me and what she wanted me to do. I have found this difficult in the past with other trainers. She pushed me when I felt like giving up, and there were many times when I did. I now have two dogs that are seriously on their way to having brilliant recall. So Suzanne, I know I have a long way to go but I feel now that I have a great basis on which to continue their training. Thank you so much. You are a great trainer!Tracey Holmes
If it wasn’t for your insight and empathy, we would be sitting here now feeling miserable because our boy skip would not be with us, but somewhere else with someone else.
Your professionalism, caring nature and genuine love of dogs shines through immensely. You are one in a million! We would not hesitate to call you again, should we ever need any help in the future.
Suzanne is incredibly knowledgeable and patient. She understands both the dogs and their owners and was able to help us with any issues we had. Our training with her was fun and informative, I’d recommend Paws Galore to anyone wanting training advice at any level.Mrs. L Wright
I’ve known Suzanne for many years and recently had a course of training sessions with her learning the basics of Rally Obedience. Her lessons were fun and, because of her foundation training, my dog went on to progress quickly through the different levels of competition.Mrs B Jamieson