telephone consultation

Don’t misunderstand, this is not an easy or cheap way to fix a problem. In most cases you need to have a visit to your home so we can see what the problems are, how you are currently dealing with them and how the dog responds. You cannot beat 121. However a phone or skype consultation can be a way to help you if you are looking for advice on many things including:

  • Pre puppy purchase advice
  • Post puppy advice
  • Introducing a rescue dog to the family
  • Introducing a dog to a baby
  • Chewing or destructive behaviour
  • Basic obedience problems.

To name a few...

Sometimes, an issue can seem complicated, when in fact, talking it through on the phone, you can see it is really not that difficult and with some guidance you can start to address or even resolve the problem.

You can use the call as a way to discuss the issue and some possible solutions. If, towards the end of the call, we feel you will need a visit, we can discuss this too. It is all well and good talking on the phone but many things will have to be resolved face to face.

Please understand, we would never give advice over the phone, if we felt that there would be a danger to you, your family or your dog.

Telephone consultation duration: 30 minutes - 1 hour

Cost from: £25.00

Contact us for further information.