residential training course

For many years I was asked if I would take someone’s dog in to train it for them.  I always refused.  My belief is that the owner really needs to be a part of training their dog themselves.

After being asked so many times I felt that If I didn’t come up with a decent program then they will just go somewhere else.

It would be pointless and a waste of your money to pay us to train them and just give them back to you without you both having some lessons together.  With this in mind, I devised a programme on the understanding that the owner must take part in the different stages of their dogs training.

Our aim is to help you and your dog live a happy life together.  

For a minimum of three weeks, we take your dog into our home and they live as part of the family.

We will teach your dog the foundations of a series of basic obedience exercises. This is taught in a fun, relaxed way, without putting any pressure on the dog.  It is crucial, for  lasting, long term result, that they enjoy themselves in the whole process.

Afterwards, an essential part of this course, you will be shown how to improve and perfect these exercises.  At this stage you would pay the banlance of £1265

We are proud to say that as a result of attending our course, we have had dogs, due to be re homed, staying, and dogs due to be PTS living happy, healthy lives.

This training course is ideal for;

  • Dogs with excess energy and/or highly distracted
  • Dogs requiring socialisation in a controlled manner
  • Dogs with low confidence
  • Owners with limited time and/or resources to train the dog to the required level
  • Owners who would like their dog trained whilst they are on holiday as an alternative to boarding
  • Owners with little or no control over their dogs and dogs that are out of control

These exercises include:

  • Watch me
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Wait
  • Walk to heel
  • Recall
  • Socialisation

As they live with us and our dogs as part of the family, they will also learn house rules and manners taught by us, and our dogs.

Dogs need to be at least 6 months old and no older than three to qualify for this course.  They need to come for an assessment and at that time pay £100.00 (this will come off the full cost)  At this stage it is very much about seeing where you and your dog are so we can see if they are suitable for our course and what level of obedience they have.  It is not a training session.

They need to be certified in good health and have had all their vaccinations, or titre tested, including Kennel Cough (this needs to be at least two weeks prior to arrival)

At the end of the course we are available on the phone to advise, for a further 6 months, if you are having further problems; there is no excuse if you can’t get your dog to do what you tell them to, we help you all the way.

We strive to do the best for your dog.  However, if you fail to continue doing as we have shown you then please do not expect your dog to change.  This programme is only for those who will attend the course, when requested for your lesson and continue the training.

Please note:  As the dogs live with us as part of our family, we are unable to take on cases of aggression. 

These courses are not for serious behaviour modification issues, but for the result of well trained, well mannered dogs.

Dog age: 6 months - 3 years.

Duration of course: 3 weeks

COST: £1365.00

For more information please ‘Contact Us’.