Puppy training

Bringing a puppy home can be one of the most exciting and daunting things we ever do. However, if you are not prepared and do the necessary research and preparation, it can easily turn from a lovely dream to a nightmare!

How to avoid the nightmares?
Once of the questions I get asked a lot is “When can I start training them?”
I will let you into a secret…….
As soon as you bring them home! Yes really, as soon as they come home you can start to teach them. I am not talking about barking sit, down, wait, leave etc etc I am saying you can teach them in a fun way so they have no idea at all that they are learning and they have as much fun as you do!

I can show you to be more than ready for your new arrival.

We offer a training package that includes a pre visit to your home to go through the basics so you are forewarned and ready for their arrival. In addition two sessions after they arrive to help guide you, answer any questions and show you how to start training them.

Puppy training package

We would discuss the following:

  • How to prepare the weeks before arrival.
  • What to ask the Breeder
  • How to introduce the puppy to your home
  • What to feed them
  • House training
  • Crate training (if you wish them to be crated)
  • Understanding your dog’s mind (an introduction)
  • Understanding your dogs body language (an introduction)
  • How to use your body language to train them
  • Preparation for vet visits
  • How to interact and bond with your dog
  • Preventing & dealing with nipping, chewing and jumping up
  • Basic obedience commands including:
    - Watch me
    - Sit
    - Down
    - Wait
    - Come here (recall)
    - Leave
    - Walking on a loose lead

Costs: One session £85.00
Three sessions (payable in one payment): £240
Six sessions: £450

A charge for mileage is made for anything over 10 miles of Bishop’s Stortford.

For more information or to book please Contact Us.