Dog Behaviour & Training

Every dog should learn at least the basics of obedience. You will find they will be much happier, as will you and your family.

It’s the perfect time to have fun and bond with your dog. We will teach you how to train them from the moment they come home. You will learn to understand your dog, to communicate with and read their body language.

You might find that you are struggling to overcome an issue your dog is having and try as you might you can’t get across what you want to your dog and you’re not understanding them either. That is when you might need a Behavioural Consultation. Over 20 years of helping people and their dogs means we can help you too.

Whether you need training or behavioural advice, contact us.

We offer:
121 Training & Behavioural Consultations
Rally Obedience
Residential Training Course
Pre & Post Puppy Training
Telephone Consultations