Walking your dog safely

Suzanne Corgan Dog welfare

It’s easy right…?!

Wrong!  Apparently some people don’t know how to walk their dog safely!!

If you have a toddler under 5 years old, would you walk along a road, day or night, with them on the side of the car, while you walk safely on the inside, with your toddler between you and the car? No?

Then why do SO MANY people do just this with their dogs?!!! So often now I am seeing people walking along, their dog at the full length of its lead, yes I have seen a dog on a flexi on one side of the lane and owner/walker on the other side…, and the dog is in danger of being knocked over and killed. In fact I know of an occasion where the owner had a headset on, oblivious to where their dog was and the car that subsequently hit their dog!
So PLEASE PLEASE dog on the furthest side from the car, put yourself between your dog and the car.

If you like to listen to music, don’t on the road, or if you do get the ear phones that sit in front of your ears. That way you can keep aware of noises around you, people walking up behind you or cars approaching. The best thing is not to listen to music. Put your mobile phone in your pocket, spend time to focus on your dog. Don’t be distracted.

If you can, walk in the light or in areas that are well lit. Don’t go into open parks in the dark.

If its night, flashing collars, luminous jacket for you and the dog. There are so many different inexpensive collars and coats your dog can wear. You can also put a high vis jacket and a head lamp on that has a flashing light on the back as well as a good headlight.

The type of collars you can get are easy to get if you do a quick google, https://www.doggiesolutions.co.uk/flashing-dog-collars-leads-harnesses.html

High vis jackets range from a few pounds up to £10-20. https://www.doggiesolutions.co.uk/Buster-High-Visibility-Reflective-Dog-vest.html

For humans the head torches are absolutely brilliant. I have one in the house, one in the car. The batteries tend to be rechargable and they have power for days. Really worth every penny. https://www.torchdirect.co.uk/head-torches.html

Make it easier for drivers to see you. PLEASE!!

To use the old 70’s slogan: