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G.R.R.R. Fund Raising

G.R.R.R.  & Friends was started up after a group of Golden Retriever loving friends met on Facebook and decided we should get together.

We decided that it would be fun to not only meet up for a fun day but it would be even more fun to go to a campsite and spend the whole weekend grrrsurrounded by like minded people and all of our beautiful dogs.

We started out as G.R.R.R. then after several members brought other breeds we thought it would be nice to include them in the group name, hence the creation of G.R.R.R. & Friends.

Currently there are three events, Norfolk, Dorset and Yorkshire.

We spend the weekend relaxing, walking, having BBQ’s, raffles, auctions and campfires and novelty fun dog classes during the day Saturday including ‘Have a go at Rally O’

Whilst having all this fun we also raise funds for charity.  This year  (2015) we are helping raise funds for Canine Cancer Research something most of us have unfortunately been affected by at some time in our lives with dogs.



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