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by Dan on Paws Galore
Experienced and Trustworthy

Suzanne has cared for my dog many a time and I would highly recommend her to anyone. She easily got rid of Marsha's bad habits (such as waking the whole house up at 6am) and is very knowledgeable when it comes to working with all breeds. She is conscientious and caring towards them, and I have comfort knowing that Marsha is in her hands: Suzanne is incredibly trustworthy. I've seen her work with many dogs in the past and she builds up a fantastic relationship with them and all of the dogs become very excited to see her. I would have no doubts in recommending her to anyone! Thanks Suzanne!

by Helen on Paws Galore

We would like to write to thank you so much for looking after Karma so very well, whilst we holiday. Having a Beagle can be tricky to train however you came to our rescue initially when she arrived and she always returns home to us with better behaviour after her stays with you!! So we are so very pleased that we know you and thoroughly recommend your services to all dog owners esp. those who need expert training advice. Karma is very much looking forward to her holiday with you soon.

by Jane and Mick Platten on Paws Galore
One of the best!

Suzanne, that is a name that is not mentioned in our house....why you may ask......the reason being our chocolate Labrador Lily gets so excited and runs to the door expecting Suzanne to walk through it, she just loves her. Lily is now nearly 7 years old and has known Suzanne since she was a puppy. Never having had a dog before my husband and I really were thrown into the deep end with her. She actually wasn’t a bad puppy, in fact she was very good but as far as training went we hadn’t got a clue. We were introduced to Suzanne through our local pet shop and we have never looked back. Lily went to stay with Suzanne on a residential course and has loved her ever since, she really has a close bond with her. After the training course, once Lily had returned home, I continued to put into action what she had learnt. I continued her training by attending a weekly hourly session over a 6 week period. Lily loves everyone and loves running off to say hello when out walking but she knows recall either by name or by blowing the whistle. Suzanne taught us how to be calm but assertive and firm with her; I don’t think there is anything she couldn’t teach her! Lily now goes to Suzanne for 1 or 2 nightly sleepovers every now and again or longer when we go away on holiday, she has never stayed anywhere else. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Suzanne for training and if I ever get another dog, I know, without hesitation who would be my first port of call.

Jane and Mick Platten

by Mrs J Carter on Paws Galore
Suzanne’s approach to training is inspirational

For many years I have trained our dogs but advancing years with a very lively Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, I wasn’t winning this time. Then along came Suzanne who changed both my life and that of Archie.

Archie is a different dog. Suzanne’s approach to training is inspirational and combined with the company of her own dogs on training walks, Archie is a much more obedient and contented dog.

I cannot thank her enough.

by The Tindale Family on Paws Galore
Without Suzannes help, I think that we would have had to looked at re-housing

We recently bought a Border Collie pup, who is really beautiful, but with two small boys we were finding the training and dog handling quite difficult and as it was not entirely successful. The behavioural problems were beginning to set in and becoming difficult to handle.

After having had two previous trainers over the first three month period, we finally met Suzanne who we immediately took too, as it was very apparent that she loved dogs and had a natural and innate ability to understand them and we felt in safe hands.

Suzanne asked first to see the dog in his home environment and took detailed notes of his habits, eating, exercise program and watched how the family was with him. I must say that this was really helpful in identifying the issues.

As we had two small boys and many children visitors we felt that a two week residential stretch with Suzanne would be the best way to enforce training and add consistency. Ozzie was very happy with Paws Galore and we visited weekly to be given instruction and to be brought up with the commands and how to install them in the home

The difference in his beahaviour and manners around the house is immense. Ozzie is now at home and continues to go to weekly creche and the family has training sessions occasionally to carry on the great work and to enforce the behaviour now so that we can enjoy Ozzie at home over the coming years.

Without Suzannes help, I think that we would have had to looked at re-housing him because we couldn’t handle him………That’s the best testimonial I can give.. I would highly recommend Suzanne to anyone with dog issues, She deals with them in a loving , caring and responsible way. Ozzie loves visiting her and her dogs!!….

by Lois, Ben & Tils on Paws Galore

So, we just wanted to say again – thank you so much for your help, you’ve been a lifesaver.

by Mrs Helen Fine on Paws Galore
Highly Recommend

My husband and I went away for two weeks and left our six month “yorkie poo” in Suzanne’s care. I had seen Paws Galore on the Web when I was looking for someone to train our puppy whilst boarding her. We went to meet Suzanne so she could see Kizzie and so we could see her and her facilities. Suzanne put us at ease immediately. She has a great way with dogs and certainly knows how to train them. Before Kizzie went to Suzanne I could not let her off her lead when we went for our daily walks. Now she comes immediately I call her name. She sits, lies and stays until recalled which is amazing in such a young and very lively little dog. I would have no hesitation In highly recommending Paws Galore.

Mrs Helen Fine

by Graham and Clare on Paws Galore
Thank you!

Hi Suzanne,

We had to right to let you know how Misty is doing:-

She hasn’t jumped up any of our guests at home

When walking is only attracted to other dogs and not their owners – no jumping up people

She is ignoring bikes

We are persevering with the training using the whistle. She comes back most of the time.

Many thanks for your much appreciated help

Graham and Clare

by Lady Martha Lytton Cobbold on Paws Galore
no hesitation in entrusting my pets to you

I felt confident with your skills in working with my dog Khan. I would have no hesitation in entrusting my pets to you for care, you are certainly conscientious and caring.

Lady Martha Lytton Cobbold, Knebworth House

by Mr & Mrs P Doolan on Paws Galore
Fantastic service

Paws galore, helped train my pups, and have regularly walked them and done overnight sits. The dogs were completely at ease with Suzanne and have become good house pets.

Mr & Mrs P Doolan

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